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Modern Health Talk is about solutions for safe, healthy and independent living at home, with resources aimed at the empty-nested baby boomer whose time is split between her adult children (and grandchildren) and her elderly parents, often as an unpaid caretaker, motivated by love, duty, and a need to preserve family assets. This growing demographic also has a new appreciation of their own mortality. The Modern Health Talk website is positioned between Online Support Groups on one end, and Technology Websites at the other. Our blog features over 500 Articles about Telehealth, mHealth, home robots, Universal Design principles, Big Broadband, Good Sleep, the Future of Health Care, and Public Policies addressing the rising costs of providing care. Our Pinterest boards include over 1,000 healthcare infographics. And we believe we have the web’s most extensive list of online Resources. We know already that you’re relatively affluent & tech savvy, because you found us online and are likely looking for ways for you or a loved one to stay safe, healthy & happy at home as long as possible. You may also be looking to downsize or remodel a home and value features that will help you to stay there and age-in-place.

mHealthTalk Positioning - between Support Groups and Technology Pages

Modern Health

Modern Health is a confluence of innovations and trends addressing the rising costs of medical care as our population ages, including:

  • Reforms to Medical Care Delivery & Payment Systems and the Laws Regulating Them
  • Prevention through Health & Wellness
  • Personal & Electronic Medical and Health Records
  • Mobile Apps and on-the-go access to Health Info & Services
  • Remote Monitoring of Medical & Environmental Sensors
  • Innovative Technologies and new In-home Medical Devices
  • Assistance Devices that Overcome Disabilities
  • Universal Design in Products & Homes that work well for Everyone
  • Patients Connecting Online with their Family, Caregivers & Doctors
  • Inspiring Stories about Individual Use of these Modern Technologies



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5 Most Recent ARTICLES:

  • 15 Simple Ideas for a Happier and Healthier 2015 15 Simple Ideas for a Happier and Healthier 2015 by Sandy Getzky If making big changes in your life is intimidating, focus on making these simple ones to have a happy, healthy 2015. 1.  Be Mindful — Make a habit of practicing mindfulness each day. This means becoming more aware of everything around you and truly appreciating life. 2.  Cook — Treat yourself to a healthy home-cooked meal at least once a day. If you’re not a fan of cooking, stick to simple yet nutritious meals. 3.  Go to Bed — Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it each night. A regular sleep schedule can make you feel more rested. 4.  Try Biofeedback — Biofeedback products, like emWave technology, help you learn to calm yourself and be more aware of how stress affects your body. 5.  Cut the Clutter — Get rid of clutter around your house. Having a tidy home helps clear your mind and leads to less stress. 6.  Put the Phone Down — Set aside times where you won’t check your ...
  • 4 High-Tech Medical Management Apps for Seniors   “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” — it’s a catch phrase from a popular commercial in the late ’80s for a medical alarm pendant manufactured by LifeCall, an emergency alert service. The device was designed for elderly people who lived alone. If a medical emergency arose and they couldn’t get to a phone, they could speak into the device and be immediately in touch with a dispatch service. It was a technological medical wonder. Technological medical wonders have come a long way since then. These sample medical management apps for seniors can make life safer, give caregivers more options for better care and ease the minds of relatives. MedCoach With age comes medication. This can mean more than one type of pill must be taken at a specific time during the day. Taking different prescriptions at different times of the day is a tough task to keep track of. MedCoach is an app that sends you reminders to take your meds. You can download ...
  • Precision Medicine vs Prevention & Wellness President Obama and the National Institutes of Health have announced a Precision Medicine Initiative that complements other programs for Prevention and Wellness. That’s important because too many diseases don’t have a proven means of prevention or effective treatments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIzbg8REzGw Launched with a $215 million investment in the President’s 2016 Budget to accelerate the pace of innovation, the Precision Medicine Initiative hopes to gain better insights into the biology of these diseases to make a difference for the millions of Americans who suffer from them. The program takes into account an individual’s genes, environment, and lifestyle to personalize drug treatment, and this might seem like a gift to the pharmaceutical industry. In some ways it is, but it will probably have the desired effect of speeding innovation in important areas. If the resulting research is shared equally among all drug companies, the program may actually help reduce, or at least contain, drug prices by encouraging competition. An Ounce of Prevention Modern Health Talk applauds the government funding of Precision Medicine and sees it ...
  • Senior Housing Options Compared article by Perry Hua with edits by Wayne Caswell The goal when choosing housing is to pick an option that best matches your financial, physical, medical, and social needs. The earlier you assess your current and future needs, and the more you know about the options available, the easier it is to make a decision. Here’s a list of options showing their advantages and costs, starting with the most expensive first. Nursing Homes No one plans to live long-term in a nursing home, because it’s the most expensive option, but nursing homes may be the only option for residents who need constant medical monitoring and help due to medical problems. Skilled nursing services are provided 24 hours a day, and this option is very restrictive. It often means a high loss of independence for the senior resident and can quickly deplete their financial resources. Medicare can cover short-term rehabilitation in a nursing home while seniors regain their strength after suffering from an illness ...
  • How to Make a Smart Bed for your Smart Bedroom Here’s you can make a smart bed for your smart bedroom. Because good sleep so closely tied to good health, I’ve posted dozens of articles about sleep, including many about technology and how artificial lights interfere with our biological clocks and sleep-wake cycle. I’ve also been working with Dr. Bruce Meleski to open Intelligent Sleep, a new sleep wellness and brain health center here in Austin. We’re doing some pretty cool stuff with metabolic, neurosensory, and behavioral therapies, and we’re promoting a vision of the Smart Bedroom. So today’s post is about a new product we hope to carry and that I think you’ll like. (video below) Luna is promoted as The Future of Sleep The Luna smart mattress cover learns your sleep habits and pre-warms your bed even before you get in. With biometric and environmental sensors it tracks your sleep phases, adjusts temperature according to the sleep stage you’re in, does this independently for you and your partner according to what it learns from your preferences, and helps ...
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