mHealthTalk Positioning - between Support Groups and Technology Pages

Modern Health Talk is an online community website, blog, and social network positioned at the intersection of several overlapping trends and between Online Support Groups on one end and Technology Websites at the other. Modern Health Talk follows and responds to innovations and trends that address the rising costs of medical care as our population ages, including:

  • Reforms to Medical Care Delivery & Payment Systems and the Laws Regulating Them
  • Prevention through Health & Wellness
  • Personal & Electronic Medical and Health Records
  • Mobile Apps and on-the-go access to Health Info & Services
  • Remote Monitoring of Medical & Environmental Sensors
  • Innovative Technologies and new In-home Medical Devices
  • Assistance Devices that Overcome Disabilities
  • Universal Design in Products & Homes that work well for Everyone
  • Patients Connecting Online with their Family, Caregivers & Doctors
  • Inspiring Stories about Individual Use of these Modern Technologies

Founding Editor Wayne Caswell spends his mornings scouring the mainstream press to read about innovations and trends addressing the rising costs of medical care as our population ages. He then responds with his own unique perspective if appropriate, shares the important articles in social media, and writes our blog. Wayne also serves as a self-proclaimed sleep economist at Intelligent Sleep. There he’s working to expand the concept of Population Sleep Wellness because of the vital role sleep plays in our nation’s health, safety and performance.

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Some of our Information Sources

Add Caring to Caregiving

OK. Enough about all the things we can do with technology to improve caregiving and aging-in-place. What about caring? The following video shows the importance of not isolating our elderly, whether that’s at home or in the community setting of an assisted living facility. After learning how to find the power button and use the Apple iPad, these true senior have become avid e-mail, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr users. Enjoy…