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Modern Health Talk is about solutions for safe, healthy and independent living at home, with resources aimed at the empty-nested baby boomer whose time is split between her adult children (and grandchildren) and her elderly parents, often as an unpaid caretaker, motivated by love, duty, and a need to preserve family assets. This growing demographic also has a new appreciation of their own mortality. The Modern Health Talk website is positioned between Online Support Groups on one end, and Technology Websites at the other. Our blog features nearly 500 Articles about Telehealth, mHealth, home robots, Universal Design principles, Big Broadband, Good Sleep, the Future of Health Care, and Public Policies addressing the rising costs of providing care. Our Pinterest boards include almost 800 healthcare infographics. And we believe we have the web’s most extensive list of online Resources. We know already that you’re relatively affluent & tech savvy, because you found us online and are likely looking for ways for you or a loved one to stay safe, healthy & happy at home as long as possible. You may also be looking to downsize or remodel a home and value features that will help you to stay there and age-in-place.

mHealthTalk Positioning - between Support Groups and Technology Pages

Modern Health

Modern Health is a confluence of innovations and trends addressing the rising costs of medical care as our population ages, including:

  • Reforms to Medical Care Delivery & Payment Systems and the Laws Regulating Them
  • Prevention through Health & Wellness
  • Personal & Electronic Medical and Health Records
  • Mobile Apps and on-the-go access to Health Info & Services
  • Remote Monitoring of Medical & Environmental Sensors
  • Innovative Technologies and new In-home Medical Devices
  • Assistance Devices that Overcome Disabilities
  • Universal Design in Products & Homes that work well for Everyone
  • Patients Connecting Online with their Family, Caregivers & Doctors
  • Inspiring Stories about Individual Use of these Modern Technologies



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5 Most Recent ARTICLES:

  • Hyper Growth of Private Insurance Exchanges Shared with permission from MEDCITY News, by Dan Verel, 7/25/2015 While much attention has been heaped on the public health insurance exchanges over the year, private health insurance exchanges “are experiencing hyper-growth” and enrollment could exceed that of public exchanges by 2017, “if not sooner,” according to Accenture. In a recent report, Accenture said employers, consumers and carriers alike are expressing enthusiasm for private exchanges, which are undergoing “an earlier-than-expected growth spurt.” More than 3 million individuals could enroll in health plans through private exchanges just during the 2014 benefit year, Accenture estimates. MY EXPERIENCE: IBM was early in this trend, selecting Extend Health to offer Medicare-eligible retirees expanded new insurance options. Yvonne and I were able to pick from 37 different policies and for the first time select different plans to fit our unique needs, saving a lot of money for equal or better coverage in the process. We’re thrilled with that and that fact that all of our doctors were “in network.” ...
  • When Robots Come for Grandma Failing the Third Machine Age: When Robots Come for Grandma is a long and thought-provoking article by Zeynep Tufekci that builds a case against “caregiver robots,” arguing that they are both inhumane and economically destructive. She got me thinking, and I hope this has the same effect on you. I would have liked to add my own perspectives with links to related articles here at Modern Health Talk. I’d start with Will Robots Take Over in Health Care? Unfortunately there was no space to add comments. I hope you’ll share your own thoughts in the space I give below. My Comments Accelerating Pace — Tech innovation is following Moore’s Law and is happening exponentially, replacing repetitive jobs, even professional white-collar jobs, faster than creating new opportunities. Are we to end up like the Axioms in the Pixar movie, Wall-E? Obsoleted Skills — A major challenge, given that we no longer work for one employer or in one career field our entire lives but are now ...
  • Smartphone Based Medical Imaging Today’s post summarizes an article on digital microscopy by Ariel Sabar for Smithsonian Magazine. In “Star Trek,” chief medical officer Leonard “Bones” McCoy wands a body with a medical “tricorder,” and seconds later it reports the patient’s condition. The device could do almost anything, including heart rate & EKG, brain scans & EEG, and more. Today we’re getting very close to doing all that on a smartphone. UCLA professor Aydogan Ozcan adds advanced imaging techniques to a smartphone and turns it into a powerful microscope to count red and white blood cells, screen urine for kidney disease, spot flu or HIV viruses, or test water for toxic chemicals, parasites and bacteria. His goal is to make these capabilities so small, cheap and idiot-proof that you can easily carry our own tricorder in your pocket. Environmental Monitoring Researchers working with Ozcan demonstrated a “scope” that was attached to a Samsung Galaxy to test for abnormally high levels of Mercury, since that can build up in fish ...
  • Going on a Cruise? How to Stay Healthy On Board Cruises are a great way to see the world, and if you haven’t gone on one yet, you probably know at least a few people who’ve come home raving about how wonderful it was. Cruises are also fertile ground for illnesses like the norovirus, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says causes more than 90 percent of cruise ship diarrhea outbreaks. No one wants to get sick on vacation. Keep in mind that while incidents do happen, in general, they’re few and far between. The best way to reduce your risk of illness is to be prepared and take some common sense safety precautions. Prepare a Health Kit It’s always a good idea to have your own health kit at the ready. Not only are cruise ship medical services expensive, if an outbreak occurs, you may have to wait a while before help arrives. Bring the essentials, including: Basic over-the-counter medicines like anti-diarrheal and anti-motion sickness medications, antifungal and antibacterial ointment, antacid, cough ...
  • Public Health in 2030, alternative scenarios By Wayne Caswell As a retired IBM technologist, health consumer advocate, and amateur futurist, I’ve often written about The Future of Healthcare and highly recommend this report by the Institute for Alternative Futures. Public Health 2030: A Scenario Exploration is supported by funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Kresge Foundation and presents alternative futures to help shape decision-making and public investments in a preferred version of the future while avoiding things that would lead to a less desirable version. Public health, which started out with mass vaccinations to control and prevent infectious diseases, has proven to be one of the most cost-effective investments in the health of our nation, and it has since grown to include: Food safety, Tobacco control, Fluoridation of drinking water, Family planning, Child & maternal health, Emergency preparedness, Environmental health, Workplace safety, Motor-vehicle safety, Screening for specific diseases, Chronic disease control & prevention, Policy making, and Strategic leadership for communities. Going forward, however, federal, state and local public health agencies face major funding pressures, and these functions face an uncertain ...
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