11 predictions for the Mobile Health market

wearable wireless sensorsOver the past 3 years, research firms including ABI, Chilmark, IDC, In-Stat, InMedica, Juniper, and Manhattan have prediced the future size of and eventual revenues generated by mobile health services.” In this article, MobiHealthNews gathers them into its own set of predictions for the next five years of mobile health.

  1. 14% of smartphone users to use Mobile Health Apps in 2011
  2. 81% of Physicians using Smart Phones by 2012
  3. $1.7B market for Mobile Apps in healthcare Enterprise by 2014
  4. Healthcare to spend $4.5B on wireless data by 2014
  5. $950M Wireless Health market by 2014
  6. $1.3B healthcare WiFi market by 2016
  7. 100M Wearable Wireless Sensors by 2016
  8. $1.9B market for Remote Patient Monitoring by 2014
  9. 500,000 Blood Pressure monitors by 2013
  10. 412M embedded and machine-to-machine devices by 2014
  11. 1M TeleHealth Gateways by 2014

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