America’s Obesity Epidemic – a BIG Problem

Obesity is a really BIG problem (excuse the pun), and with over two thirds (69%) of us overweight or obese,  it’s now the largest threat to the health, wellness and future of America. Obesity is an epidemic that needs swift action and an unprecedented public health campaign. Otherwise, we’ll end up like those fat Axiom characters in Pixar’s movie, Wall-E, and we’ll bankrupt the nation.

I hope everyone young & old will watch HBO’s The Weight of the Nation. It’s a four-part documentary that starts this campaign by exploring America’s uphill battle with obesity. The series premiers at 8pm central time on Monday, May 14. If you miss it and can’t find a repeat, you can visit the link above to buy the CD or the book that it’s based on. (An online version of the book is free.)

The Trailer


HBO and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences bring you the nation’s foremost experts and research on weight and weight loss. They explain how we got to this unhealthy place, what it will do to our health care system if we continue on our current path, and how we can overcome forces that drive us to eat too much and move too little. In short, “To win, we have to lose.”

The Infographic

I added stats from the infographic below to the webpage, Statistics define the Health Care Problem and Market Opportunity, noting that “Obese and overweight people have Less Fun, More Pain, Die Earlier, and Cost More.” Included is information about how to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and determine how you measure up.

The Weight of the Nation - InfographicI find it ironic that as I write this tonight, it is right after two helpings of Yvonne’s lasagna, which I’m sure put on some pounds, but probably less than if we ate out. ‘Good thing I started the day with breakfast and then had a modest lunch. But I spend much to much time sitting at the computer and not nearly enough moving about.

Please watch the documentary and join me in a discussion below in the comment section.



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2 Responses to “America’s Obesity Epidemic – a BIG Problem”

  • Bernard Burg:

    *Very interesting article however I noticed two misquotes. The first is “two thirds of us obese” should read “two thirds of us overweight or obese”. In the video they say ” it is a lot easier to lose weight than to keep weight off”, I am puzzled, always heard the opposite.

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