SIRI and 50 cool things your iPhone can do

SIRI logoSmartphones keep getting smarter, and speech recognition apps like SIRI and Google Now are able to learn more about you personally and act on your behalf, even offering information or suggestions before you even think to ask. But what CAN you ask?

Whether you already use an Apple iPhone or want your parents to have one for FaceTime, telehealth, or other applications, this video helps show what Apple’s virtual assistant can do, beyond just sending text messages and setting alarms. Did you know it can also show you pictures of puppies? Or translate things into Morse code? Or flip a coin? Discover how Siri makes your iPhone more helpful (and fun) than you thought.

More SIRI commands to try…

  • “Airplane mode.”
  • “Dim the screen.” and “Full brightness.”
  • “Remind me to take Vicodin with lunch at noon.”
  • “Should I buy an iPhone or an Android?”
  • “Which is better, SIRI or Google?”
  • “Happy Holidays.” “Merry Christmas.” or “Happy New Year.”

You can find many more ideas or how to use SIRI on Google. Just search “SIRI Commands.” Try them out and get creative yourself; then let us know what you find most interesting.

By the way, SIRI can now be configured with a male or female voice.