About this Blog

I publish original articles here but also comment in mainstream media. This is what I do every morning:

Find – I use several tools to automatically discover interesting information about health reform, trends, and solutions for aging-in-place and home healthcare. I then spend all morning every day reading through it to cull out the best to tell you about. My discovery tools include Google Alerts, newsletter subscriptions, LinkedIn discussion groups, and social media; and I follow carefully selected social media accounts, using Flipboard to read and comment.

Curate – Most of the these publications allow me to add value by posting comments to their articles, sharing my perspectives and insight, and occasionally linking to a related article here. These comments often result in active online discussions.

Share – I promote the articles you see in this blog using various social media accounts, but I also promote many more articles that I find online in the mainstream media, including those that don’t make sense to republish here. That means most of the value I bring is not housed in mHealthTalk but instead is spread around the Internet so even more people can benefit.

Our Social Media Accounts

I primarily share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, with several Pinterest boards used for Infographics, universal design photos, and other images. I do have a YouTube channel with some content, but not a lot. I’ve started curating articles on several Flipboard boards, because it’s easy for me to do so, so if that’s what you use, look for us there. And the last icon listed above is for our weekly newsletter, which is produced automatically with Paper.li, based on what I’ve posted on Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t follow us on social media, subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll get a weekly summary by email.