ActiveCare combines Technology and Remote Monitoring

INSTEON Wireless Motion and Occupancy SensorMore and more companies are getting into the Home Healthcare market with products and services. Some, like Intel-GE Care Innovations, are large. Others, like ActiveCare, are small. And some will succeed while others, like Google will fail or leave the market.

I noticed in the press release below that ActiveCare is using the same ActiveHome software and X10-based sensors that I’ve used in my own automated home(s) for years as a Digital Home consultant. X10 is a mature networking protocol that communicates over radio signals or 110V power lines. It’s not the latest technology, but it’s cheap and works, usually.

With Launch of New ActiveHome Monitoring System, ActiveCare Opens Its CareCenter and Showroom to the Public

SALT LAKE CITY, June 27, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — ActiveCare, Inc. (ACAR.OB) a leader in senior care technology, today announced the opening of its CareCenter and showroom to the public. Moving into its new state-of-the-art home earlier this year, the CareCenter operates 24/7/365 monitoring the health and well being of its members. “We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way we age,” said Jim Dalton, Chairman and CEO of ActiveCare.  “The combination of our one-of-a-kind CareCenter and ActiveHome and mobile technologies, allow our members the freedom to continue to live in their own home, living the life they want and deserve,” continued Dalton.

ActiveCare’s products and services are designed to enhance member’s lifestyle and safety both at home and on the go.  All of the ActiveCare’s monitoring technology communicate back to the Company’s CareCenter.  Staffed around the clock operators, known as CareSpecialists use the data collected assist members in their time of need.  “We are in the business of saving and improving lives,” said Erik Gonzales, Director of CareCenter Operations.  “Our CareSpecialists are the top of their field, in fact they receive the same training as 911 operators,” continued Gonzales.  During an emergency CareSpecialists are able to find the members location, dispatch emergency services, provide their medical history as well as contact their family and doctor.  “That’s not all,” continued Gonzales, “not only do we provide services during an emergency, but we also help with your daily needs whether it be providing grocery or meals to travel and transportation – it’s like having a personal assistant ready to help you 24 hours a day.”

In order to demonstrate the impact and life changing services ActiveCare provides, the Company built a 500 square foot model home and showroom inside the new facility.  With the recent local launch and rollout of the ActiveHome service offerings, the Company has opened its doors presenting its solution directly to seniors and caregivers as well as insurance and health care providers.

The ActiveHome Monitoring System is a combination of smart home and monitoring technologies,  allowing members to turn all the lights out in their house and lock the door with the press of one button.  Sensors check for normal routines at home. For example, if the refrigerator or cabinets haven’t been opened as expected, if a member has been sitting or sleeping for an unusual length of time, or if the stove is left on, there may be a problem and a CareSpecialist will immediately contact the member. ActiveCare’s mobile technology, allows CareSpecialists to locate a members and provide needed assistance no matter where they may be. This combination of mobile and in-home technologies provides a complete level of care, fulfilling the needs of the growing senior marketplace.

About ActiveCare:

ActiveCare, Inc., ( is the service leader in care for the elderly, disabled or chronically ill providing deserved freedom while allowing members to remain living independently longer.  The ActiveCare solution incorporates sensor technologies that allows a member to be constantly monitored in their own home and on the go.  Inside the member’s home, ActiveCare installs sensors that allows ActiveCare’s 24/7 CareCenter™ to monitor their movements and health conditions.  When the CareCenter™ detects any type of anomaly it can immediately contact the member through a body worn watch device, the ActiveWatch™ or through the ActivePortal™, a video portal located in the senior’s home.  This video portal allows live video interaction between the member and the CareSpecialist™ – providing a personal and bonding experience.  The CareCenter™ can remotely monitor the member’s eating habits with sensors on the stove, refrigerator and cabinets.  The CareSpecialist™ can also monitor the medications the senior is taking and insure that they are taking the right medications at the right time – all through ActiveCare’s sensor technologies.  In addition, the CareCenter can track vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, weight and glucose levels.  It can also monitor how long the member has been in bed or in a chair and can assist in turning on and off lights and locking or unlocking doors.

When the members are on the go away from their home, they can be tracked through ActiveCare’s GPS technology.  Through the ActiveWatch™ or ActiveOne+™ PAL members can instantly contact a CareSpecialist™ with the press of a button or automatically when a fall occurs.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, ActiveCare is committed to providing consistent excellence in quality and safety as well as friendly care for members and caregivers, alike.  To learn more about ActiveCare, Inc. visit or contact investor/media relations at 877-219-6050.

SOURCE: ActiveCare, Inc.


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  1. I work for a company in Minnesota that is similar. We have virtual care monitoring through use of sensors and we have active monitoring through the use of camera and two way audio. There is a lot of room for growth in this market.

  2. Being that Active Care Diabetic machines are required for Insurance coverage, why havent this option been introduced to the employee’s? They are highly concern about getting the infomation they want, but I feel that they are being selective as to whom they share updated technology with, which could benifit everyone.

    1. Sinatra, Your comment on this 4-year old article is a bit confusing, so you may want to clarify with more detail. Are you saying that ActiveCare isn’t offering its CareCenter and ActiveHome technologies to its own employees? You obviously have an opinion, but I can’t tell who you’re talking about.

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