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Byline Article Attribution

Modern Health Talk welcomes articles from writers, activists, journalists and our readers, even those with no prior writing experience, and when we publish byline articles we always give full attribution, including:

  • Author name,
  • Short BIO,
  • Contact information (optional),
  • Photo (optional), and
  • Link to website or original article.

We can help get you and your article wider exposure, but our shoestring budget doesn’t allow us to pay a fee. And our small staff cannot guarantee that we’ll publish all of the articles we receive, or spend much time editing submissions.

What to Write

  • Audience & Tone – We mostly want articles that interest and engage our readers, which primarily are empty-nested baby boomers concerned with the health & well-being of a loved one or their own mortality. Women caretakers are a good demographic to address, so write in a tone that interests them.
  • Personal Stories & Case Studies – There’s hardly a better way to engage readers than to share stories they can relate to. Make them as personal as possible, with real names and photos or videos.
  • Technology & Product Reviews – The pace of tech innovation makes it hard for consumers to keep up, and most articles about new products are too technical, so writing for a consumer audience is appreciated.
  • Research & Analysis – Our Resources section lists Market research reports, and our Statistics page has a long list of statistical information, but submitted article might include analysis or infographics as a better way for consumers to make sense of the available research & statistical data.
  • Editorials – Readers often value the opinions and perspectives of respected “experts,” so we’d be happy to include your opinion piece, as long as it’s more educational than confrontational and controversial.
  • Feature Articles – They’re in-depth articles of 5-10 pages in length, providing rich detail on specific topics.
  • AVOID Advertising – It’s OK to use your own product as an example, as long as the article itself is informative, educational and consistent with our objective of helping people stay Safe & Healthy at Home.

Submitting Articles

Send your articles by email to Senior Editor. Microsoft Word is preferred, but you can also send us a URL link to your posted article as the source.


Articles generally vary in size from 350 to 2,500 words (a screen full to about 5 printed pages), but most readers prefer brevity.


Where possible and appropriate, cite sources and acknowledgements supporting statistics or claims or to simply provide a source for more detailed information.


You retain all rights, title and interest in materials you submit but grant Modern Health Talk permission to use, copy, adapt, edit, modify, merge, reproduce, translate, and publicly & digitally display the material you share with us. You also warrant that the submitted materials do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party. By submitting your materials you indicate that you accept these simplified terms.

Using Our Content

We also allow our own original articles to be posted elsewhere, upon approval and with similar attribution, however we can’t authorize third party use of any of the byline articles.

Becoming a Partner

Business partner relationships can vary from a very loose agreement to cooperate toward some mutual goal, to a more formal, contractual or exclusive bond in which both entities commit not to ally with third parties. From our standpoint, partners might be regular content contributors, related websites serving the same market with a similar and complementary mission, or a customer, vendor or channel intermediary (such as an agent or reseller).

At this point, we have no formal process defined for becoming a partner but encourage you to send your idea or proposal to Senior Editor.

Become an Advertiser

Modern Health Talk prides itself for being an unbiased and ad-free website and not sought advertisers or posted Google ads so far, but we would consider proposals that are informational and consistent with our message and purpose. Of course ad rates are always negotiable, but here are some ideas for ad placement:

  • Embedded in Byline Articles – We accept and publish byline articles for FREE and include full attribution and a link to the author’s website, as long as the article complies with the guidance above. Additional advertising in the article itself will be considered but would require a negotiated fee.
  • Home Page Banner – The “mHealthTalk Positioning” graphic can be replaced by a banner ad of similar size (740×200 pixels). ($2,000/week, $6,000/month, $50,000/year)
  • Small Ad in Side Bar – The side bar appears on EVERY page and article, except for product comparison pages, giving advertisers the widest possible exposure. We can add a “Featured Product or Service” with pricing that varies by duration (week, month, year), how far up the ad is placed, and if there’s any animation.
    • After “Follow Us” ensures that the (225×130 pixel) ad is seen without scrolling down. ($1,000/week, $3,000/month, $25,000/year)
    • After “Most Popular Key Words” usually puts the ad in the middle of the page and requires the user to scroll down slightly.  ($600/week, $1,500/month, $15,000/year)
    • After “Recent Tweets” would cost less but puts the ad at the bottom of the page. ($400/week, $1,200/month, $10,000/year)
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