Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative gains traction

Smart Assistive Technology CollaborativeAustralia’s award-winning Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative is gaining traction among community care service providers, researchers, developers and, more recently, consumers of services. [from Community Care Review]

The project is funded by the Queensland Government Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services as a free online platform that provides a space to collaborate, learn and access resources and expertise.

This space focusses on local, national and international community care practices and experiences with incorporating in service provision. We have intentionally ensured our focus expands beyond local experience to ensure participants are able to access leading edge and contemporary information from international projects, experiences and implementations.

The purpose of this online collaborative is to:

  • promote the use of assistive technologies in service provision through knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • raise awareness of the various roles of smart assistive technology and its applicability in community care service provision
  • provide practical information on how smart assistive technology can be incorporated into service delivery and business models
  • encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • gain an understanding of service providers and gauge their attitudes towards smart assistive technologies
  • identify barriers to uptake of smart assistive technology service delivery.

Since the soft launch of this project in late 2015, this collaborative platform has facilitated an extensive array of webinars and online forums including Smart Assistive Technology Driving Changes in Management of Continence; Virtual Reality Session with leading developers and Service Providers in Service Delivery; and Driving Mobility & Independence through the use of smart assistive technology.

The latter, for example, discussed the prevalence of mobility issues and the role that smart assistive technology in the area of mobility can play for the service provider and the consumer. The use of exoskeleton technology was highlighted and demonstrations of deployment given. The presenter also explored the economic impact and future possibilities of smart assistive technologies in the area of mobility.

We have an exciting series of online forums and webinars scheduled for the coming months covering various interest areas. Links to all of our webinars can be accessed through the site or through our YouTube Channel.

As well as the continued success with high levels of engagement in webinars and forums, the collaborative has facilitated linkages between users which have resulted in research projects and pilots, trials and implementations of various smart assistive technologies.

The platform allows users to connect with each other based on their skills and interest areas and contact each other through the site.  The site is experiencing greater than anticipated levels of engagement and developments to date.

None of these activities would have been possible without the support of our expert reference group, which brings together a range of service providers, researchers, carers and clients.

We are also pleased to announce that funding of this project has been extended until June 2017 and we have been also engaged to provide a consumer portal version of this site. A consumer reference group is assisting in the co-design and co-creation of this site.

Visit to see for yourself. If you have any questions or would like to be involved please contact the Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Team via email:

The Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative looks forward to regularly contributing to Community Care Review. In the forthcoming August edition, we will be exploring the concept of Living Labs in the development of aged care services.

Elizabeth Dodd is project management lead at Community Resourcing Worldwide, and project lead of the Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative.

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