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The Big Heist, a satyrical documentary about our broken healthcare systemYou can be part of History by becoming a benefactor of The Big Heist, at any amount. This documentary-in-process is a satirical, follow-the-money film about healthcare, the status quo, and efforts to fix our broken system from the ground up.

The Big Heist blends the comedy & parody styles of ZDoggMD and The Daily Show — to entertain and educate with the goal of transforming the public’s understanding of our nation’s healthcare system, along with the causes of its dysfunction, and how to truly fix it. This has been my personal passion since founding Modern Health Talk five years ago. I’ve already published over 100 articles on different aspects of healthcare reform public polity, sharing my own technical & futurist perspective and insights, and I love hearing other viewpoints with similar aims.

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The Official Big Heist Trailer

The Film’s Inspiration

Executive Producer Dave Chase says The Big Heist will create hope and catalyze action to thwart what he calls the greatest immediate and future threat to our country, reminding us that, “We’ve gone to war for less than what the healthcare status quo has done and is still doing to our country.”

The Film’s Challenge

The problem I see with fixing our broken healthcare system is political and rooted in the corrupting influence of big money special interests. Those corporations seen as creating the heist and stealing trillions per year from the middle class spend about three times as much on political lobbying as the military industrial complex. They do that to protect the perverse profits made on the backs (and health) of consumers.

None of this is new news. Steven Brill, in his 2013 TIME magazine special report, “Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us,” described the perpetrators of this decades-long heist as the Medical Industrial Complex, composed of the large hospitals, insurers, drug companies, testing companies, and equipment providers.

Related Film

Chase described his film as An Inconvenient Truth for healthcare, but that might also describe Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue America’s Healthcare. Escape Fire is a powerful and award-winning 2013 documentary that presents a serious view of the healthcare problem, but there’s been immense resistance to the proposed changes. Let’s hope that Chase’s use of satire in The Big Heist will finally affect the change we need.

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