Biofeedback: The Cutting Edge of Assistive Technology

Paragraph extracted from an article by Kari Jaehnert

“Imagine using EEG brain signals to control things by merely thinking about them. There are several computer programs that use biofeedback to assist persons with disabilities. For example, a person may use brainwave frequencies to control Infra-Red (IR) devices in their homes such as TV’s, VCR’s and radios or use the electrical wiring already installed in your house to send and receive signals to control lights, garage doors, security systems, etc. through a system called X10 communication. This type of environmental control gives people with disabilities a great sense of independence and control over their surroundings.” [See also Smarter Homes for Home Healthcare on this site.]

One such product, from Brain Actuated Technologies, is a headband that can control computers through thought. Check out their case studies.

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