Blood Glucose Meters: Monitoring Diabetes on Your Phone

iBGStar Glucose MeterLiving with Diabetes requires frequent monitoring of blood glucose (blood sugar), an essential measure of your health. The American Diabetes Association can help you better understand Diabetes, select from the latest tools, learn how to manage your blood glucose levels, and prevent serious complications. We provide a guide to help you select a blood glucose meter, many of which are available at local drug stores, but today’s article is inspired by one that’s not listed and you may not have seen yet.

iBGStar blood glucose monitor

The innovative iBGStar is a small blood glucose meter that can be used on its own or connected directly to an Apple iPhone or iPod touch to display, manage and communicate your diabetes information.

Matt Johnson has Type I Diabetes and a collection of meters to check his blood sugar, but none like the new IBG Star. “It’s much easier to carry around,” he said. “And the functionality of it with the phone is pretty cool.” Watch the video to learn more.

Smart Phones as Health GatewaysApple iPad2 as Home Health Gateway

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