Don’t Be a Victim: Protect Yourself From Home Invasion

Home SecurityBy Amanda Benjamin

The thought of being the victim of a home invasion is upsetting, to say the least. While a crook breaks into your home when it’s empty, a home invader enters when you’re still there. A home invasion is far more traumatic than a burglary, and it can happen to any home in any neighborhood whenever.

However, there are a number of ways to protect yourself from a home invasion, both before it happens and if you find yourself the victim of being one. Here are some of the ways you can personally protect yourself:

Financial Precautions

  • Avoid ostentatious displays of luxury possessions like expensive cars, electronics, furs, jewelry, art or designer clothing.
  • Keep any cash, gold, silver and expensive jewelry in a deposit box at a bank — or very well hidden, in the home.
  • Consider installing a floor safe somewhere in your home. 

Making Your Home Less Vulnerable to Attack

  • After moving to a new residence, have the locks changed by a locksmith who is bonded, and insured.
  • Single women should put their initial and last name on the mailbox — no first name.
  • First, glance around to make sure nobody is around who might push you into your home or follow you in.
  • Always lock the door once you’re inside immediately.
  • Use a service like for a home alarm and security system that offers peace of mind.
  • Plant thorny bushes around the windows.
  • Install motion detectors to alert you of visitors.

You’re Home

Of course, this is the scariest scenario, but there are measures you can take to help get yourself out of the situation and back to safety. The key is to be as prepared as possible, or use what’s available to you to fight back so that you don’t become a victim or a statistic. The first suggestion is to keep a few canisters of pepper spray in various locations around your house so that you can grab one if you need it. However, if you’re trapped in any one of these specific areas of your house, here are some suggestions for getting free of your attacker:


  • Under the kitchen sink, reach for the most toxic item you can find. Go for bug or wasp spray if possible; wasp spray has a strong stream that can spray up to 20 feet. It will stop a home invader in his tracks so you can escape and get help.
  • Any strong cleaner from under the sink can have the same immobilizing effect. Make sure to spray or splash it in his eyes.
  • Grab a knife or rolling pin to use to defend yourself.
  • Use a glass bottle such as a wine bottle, full if possible.

Living Room

Grab any large, heavy object you can throw or use to deliver a blow, like a lamp, vase, statue, whatever.


  • Again, go for the strongest liquid you can find and spray or splash it in his face. Hairspray, aftershave and even mouthwash has a strong-stinging effect that can throw him off enough for you to escape.
  • Reach for the straight razor or scissors.


You’ll find no shortage of potential weapons in the basement. From tools such as hammers and wrenches to a fire extinguisher, you’ll find something to swing at your attacker. As for chemicals, reach for mineral spirits or anything toxic enough to sting.

Lastly, remember that there’s nothing quite so immobilizing to a man as a knee to the groin. It could be your ticket to escape. Hopefully you’ll never be the victim of a home invasion. However, if it does happen, there are a number of ways you can protect and defend yourself.

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