Don't make us Cry, or Die

To all those physicians in Congress about to vote of Paul Ryan’s flawed healthcare bill, Let me remind you of your Hippocratic Oath.

First do no harm.” 

The American Health Care Act would effectively take health insurance away from tens of millions of people, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and tens of thousands would likely die as a result. That sure sounds like doing harm to me, and to your constituents. The latest amendments will make it even worse

Please. Quit playing games without our health and our lives. It’s not a sport or a war, where there’s one winner and one loser. In this case, “a political win” for your team is a loss for the most of the nation – except insurance companies, health industry corporations, and wealthy individuals.

There’s still time to honor President Trump’s campaign promise to replace Obamacare and do it with a healthcare system that covers everyone with much better care at far less cost, but only if you look beyond how care is funded and debate a different set of questions (