Donuts Don’t Grow On Trees (music video)

Donuts Don't Grow On Trees (a music video by Barry David Butler)space


To promote healthy eating and address America’s Obesity Epidemic, health advocate Barry David Butler wrote a Pop Song called “DONUTS DON’T GROW ON TREES“.

The song is up on YouTube already, but I’m embedding it here to further promote it. If you like it, add your comments or use the social media links at the bottom to share with friends.



Song Lyrics:

Donuts don’t grow on trees;
don’t you wonder why.

Cause all the foods that are good for you
are given to us alive.


Living foods they give us life,
so we stay healthy and thin.

Keep away from foods that are dead.
Today… let’s begin


God created man,
and he gave us food to eat.

Eat it in its natural state,
and always eat whole wheat.


He gave us fingers to pick and eyes to see
and a nose to smell our food.

Living foods are easy to find.
They help us with our mood (chorus).

Fruit juice and soda can make us sick
if we drink it to excess.

Too much sugar can make us fat.
We need to eat it less.


We don’t drink enough pure water
and don’t get enough exercise.

We all need to get moving
so we stay a normal size. (chorus, repeat)

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