EyeWriter is an eye-tracking device for drawing & writing

EyeWriterALS Patient Tony “TEMPT ONE” Quan and the EyeWriter Device is an article I found at PatientsLikeMe.com, and I found it inspiring enough to share. Below is an excerpt and three  good videos.

For quadriplegics like Steven Hawking, “an eye gaze system – a type of augmentative speech device that translates eye movements into words – can make it possible to communicate with loved ones when speech is impaired or lost.  The problem?  They’re big and expensive, and in many cases, US health insurers won’t cover them.”

. . .

Animation studio owner Mick Ebeling heard about Tony’s case, “founded the Not Impossible Foundation and enlisted the help of programmers and open source activists in creating a low-cost, open-access writing and drawing device for paralyzed patients.  Despite having no background in ocular recognition, they pulled it off. Named one of the top 50 inventions of 2010 by Time, the brilliantly simple EyeWriter device can be made for less than $50.”

EyeWriter Videos:

The videos include a 7:50 min TED talk by Mick Ebeling, a 1:45 min movie trailer to an award-winning documentary, and a 5:26 min interview with Tony’s dad.