The Future of U.S. Healthcare, by Barry Bittman, MD

The pressure is building as healthcare costs rise, and even though the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is starting to take hold, every hospital and health institution in America still faces uncertainty about the future of our nation’s healthcare. The health reforms include Accountable Care Organizations, Bundled Payments, Insurance Exchanges, Core Measures, HCAHPS, Meaningful Use and Value-based Purchasing, the precise nature of how this will ultimately shape our healthcare system and help it survive remains uncertain.

The real question is, How can we improve and sustain our healthcare for future generations?

3 thoughts on “The Future of U.S. Healthcare, by Barry Bittman, MD

  1. C’mon doc you gotta be kidding me? To not even touch upon the big gorilla in the room who is sucking the life blood from the healthcare system (private insurance companies) is just incredulous. How can you lament over spending $8000 per capita and not factor in how much of that was wasted on some private insurance company’s bottomline profitability? And yet, interestingly, they provided NO actual healthcare function. How is that??? Care to tell?

  2. Thanks, Claude, for your response here and your participation in the Linkedin discussion, “Innovative Ideas for a Totally New Healthcare system.” I’ll be writing my own paper on the Future of US Healthcare based on compiling over 100 pages of comments from this ongoing discussion. Your resource links have been most helpful, such that I plan to include several YouTube video links in the paper. Once it’s posted, I hope you’ll provide your candid response.

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