Have you Boomer-proofed your Home?

Should you downsize your home?Your kids have grown, and they left you empty nested. You no longer need that big house and may have already considered downsizing. 77% of boomers have, considered it at least. But have you done anything about it? Less than 29% have a strategy for downsizing or modifying their home for aging in place.

Face it; you too are getting older, one day or one year at a time. You need to start planning for retirement, sometime. But like many boomers, you hate planning. Maybe it’s because you still feel young. Is that why you still don’t have a will or don’t manage your investments actively? Are you one of those people who don’t even open their 401k statements?

Nearly half of those surveyed by The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab say they want to grow old in their own home, as opposed to a retirement or assisted living facility or nursing home. But many homes are filled with hazards that can cause falls and fractures. Some 96% of those surveyed are aware of ways to make their homes safer and more comfortable, but only about 25% of them have done anything about it.

This article is based on an article with the same title that recently appeared in Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money. Modern Health Talk serves as an information clearinghouse of low- and high-tech solutions for home healthcare and aging in place, including articles on universal design and home modification.