Healthcare Robots – a growing collection

Google"s Robot?With arguably the largest aging population relative to its total, Japan leads the world in the production of healthcare robots as a way to cope with the growing need for eldercare and shrinking numbers of working people left to give that care. It’s not surprising that many of the robots featured in this collection originate from Japan.

Below are dozens of robot images, followed by images representing 8 videos that you can watch by clicking on each image. The list of related articles will expand over time as we discover new and interesting articles on robots. Comment below if you find one you’d like to share. (Republished after CES 2018 with new images and reference articles.)


More Healthcare Robots1 More Healthcare Robots2 More Healthcare Robots3

Robots of CES-1

Robots of CES-2


Humanoid Robot

PBS episode on Social Robots

Japanese robots transfer patient from bed to wheelchair

Robot Helps Quadriplegic with Daily Tasks

Lovotics robot shows Emotion and Love

My Technologist View

As shown in this video above, the automation of information processing (brains, thinking & learning) is occurring much faster than previous automation of manual labor (muscles), and it’s happening at an exponentially accelerating rate. (Moore’s Law and the FUTURE of Healthcare.)

What will happen as more and more jobs are automated and humans, who are living longer, become obsolete? What societal issues will arise? Should those issues be left to politicians to resolve, and a political process corrupted by special interests? Will the pace of their policy-making be able to keep up with the pace of tech innovation? (It’s already slowing with our divided Congress, as technology speeds up.)

So while our Constitution starts with “We the people,” I must today ask, “Who are ‘WE’?” We can begin answering that question with our vote – for either a united nation of diverse nationalities and beliefs, or a divided nation of warring tribes ruled by rich white men in suits.

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