Healthcorpus, an avatar to cure miscommunication

Nhumi TechnologiesDo you have an ache or health question? Would you like to know more about a body part or learn more about a health topic? With healthcorpus, you can click anywhere on the virtual body to show where it hurts and describe symptoms. That way you can better describe your condition to family, friends or your doctor. You and your doctor can also use healthcorpus to find the most relevant medical articles and information related to your selection.

Create a page and edit text – Start writing your health-related pages straightaway. Format as you like, include images and link to content on the web.

Click body to add a marker – Browse the human anatomy, find relevant body parts and click to mark the locations you want to highlight.

Drag marker to text – Drag and drop the marker into your text to link your note with the body.

Keep it private or share it – Once your page is written, you can keep it private, share it with a secret link via email, or share it with everyone as a public page.

Patients can use this free tool to communicate with their doctor, and the doc can use it to better communicate with patients. That’s important for several reasons.

Patients often complain that doctors don’t seem to actually listen to what they’re telling them, instead staring at a computer screen and tapping on a keyboard. Likewise, nearly 80% of patients forget what the doctor tells them as soon as they leave the office or are discharged from the hospital, and 50% of what they do remember is incorrect, according to this report in the Wall Street Journal.

Healthcorpus shows promise as a cure for miscommunication. Click here to see the sample I created using this text.