Holistic Health and the Science of Healing

Learn about The Science of HealingA while back, at a networking event for healthcare marketers, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Julie Reardon. She has a Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine practice in Austin and has a different view of holistic health, saying that “Too many times we ‘diet’ and fail to ‘live it.'”  She uses the term LIVE IT as an acronym for:

L earn about healthy eating & living;
I ncorporate more veggies in your diet;
V italize your diet with vitamins & supplements;
E xercise;

I magine how you Want to feel; and
T hink before you eat, and eat slowly

Before we left the meeting, she insisted that I hunt down Dr. Esther Sternberg’s PBS documentary, “The Science of Healing,” and I watched it today on NetFlix. Here’s a short clip


From Dr. Sternberg’s description:
The Science of Healing follows Dr. Sternberg to a tiny village in Greece, where her personal experience of the power of place in healing inspired the research that led to this program. We join her as she explores ruins of ancient Greek healing temples, and visits cutting edge science labs to uncover the source of her healing. In the course of her journey we learn more about the scientific basis of the mind-body connection, and the role of environment and emotion in the healing process. The program introduces viewers to the research that is revealing some of the many ways the brain helps us heal, both emotionally and physically. By understanding the science behind the brain’s role in healing, we can each take charge of our own health and find out how to create a place of peace even in troubled times.

More detail about Stress

EDITOR: Stress is also related to our ability to Sleep, and it’s during restorative sleep that our body repairs itself. So, I don’t see how we can separate stress and sleep. Also related to The Science of Healing is Medical Tourism, which not only can cost less than medical care in an American hospital and offer better outcomes, but traveling to a resort location like Costa Rica for a medical procedure allows you to recover more quickly in a relaxing environment. It’s all connected, and I’ll be writing about this more in the future.

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