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Modern Health Talk Receives a 2015 Best of Cedar Park Award for third straight year.

Modern Health Talk is at the center of several Health MiniTrends
FROM THE EDITOR: Modern Health Talk is positioned at the intersection of several overlapping trends, and as founder and senior editor, I offer discussions and information about technologies for home healthcare that address concerns of seniors or people with disabilities, as well as their caregivers and their families. My purpose is to help them stay safe, healthy and independent in their own homes as long as possible and thus avoid the high cost of institutional care, because that’s what over 90% of them want.

I’ve been writing here since 2011 as a labor of love with no compensation because I believe that providing this information helps lower healthcare costs for individuals and the nation. The only reason I can do this at all is because I retired with a full IBM pension, receive Social Security benefits, and am married to a lovely wife who recently retired as a registered nurse. Read My Story for more of what motivated me to start Modern Health Talk and shapes my perspectives. As you explore this website, you’ll see that I’m passionate about Universal Design principles, Universal Broadband Adoption, and connecting people with assistive technologies and home health solutions for independent living.

About Modern Health Talk

AUDIENCE: I primarily write for the empty-nested baby boomer whose time is split between her adult children (and grandchildren) and her elderly parents, often as an unpaid caretaker, motivated by love, duty, and a need to preserve family assets. That’s because she is more likely to go online to find solutions than her elderly parents, but in her caregiving capacity she has also developed a new appreciation of her own mortality and the health of her immediate family.

THE PROBLEM – RISING HEALTHCARE COSTS: As people live longer and baby boomers retire, we face a critical need to replace institutional care (nursing homes & assisted living) with aging-in-place at home. See The Problem.

Apple iPad2 is an ideal Home Health GatewayCool technologies can help, but how does one find them and decide which is best? That’s where Modern Health Talk comes in. It fills a niche not covered by online support groups.

LOW-TECH SOLUTIONS:  You don’t need high-tech to make homes safe, healthy and comfortable.

  • Eliminate tripping hazards with simple solutions such as removing throw rugs.
  • Provide accessibility with ramps, stair lifts, and knee space under sinks.
  • Apply universal design principles with stylish solutions that increase the value of your home.
  • Adopt subtle lifestyle changes that contribute to better health & safety, such as getting good sleep.

HIGH-TECH SOLUTIONS:  I write about new gadgets that help people as they get older or face disabilities.

  • Unobtrusive environmental devices track activity and improve comfort, convenience, security & energy management.
  • Medical devices monitor & report vital signs so trends are analyzed and problems identified.
  • Communication devices keep you in touch with family caretakers and medical teams.


Modern Health Talk features a blog with over 700 Articles about mHealth, Telehealth, home robots, Universal Design principles, Big Broadband, Sleep Wellness, the Future of Health Care, and Public Policies that address the rising costs of providing care. My Pinterest boards include over 1,000 healthcare infographics, and I believe I have the web’s most extensive list of online Resources. I know already that you’re relatively affluent & tech savvy, because you found us online and are likely looking for ways for you or a loved one to stay safe, healthy & happy at home as long as possible. You may also be looking to downsize or remodel a home and value features that will help you to stay there and age-in-place. I hope you will also share what you’ve learned by commenting on our articles or contributing ones of your own. Thanks for visiting.

Contacting Me

If you have questions, suggestions, or complaints, you can reach me at:

Wayne Caswell
Founding Editor, Modern Health Talk
7560 Spruce Creek Lane (new address as of 8/18/2016)
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