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Wayne Caswell

Wayne Caswell, Founding Editor

Retired IBM technologist, futurist, market strategist, consumer advocate, and founder of Modern Health Talk (

After 30 years at IBM, Wayne established CAZITech Consulting, held leadership roles in industry groups developing Wireless and Home Gateway standards, served on the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee, successfully lobbied the Texas legislature to protect the rights of municipalities to install public Wi-Fi networks, co-founded a nonprofit homeowner advocacy to enact new consumer protection laws and abolish an abusive state agency, and founded Modern Health Talk. Here’s why.

Wayne is a long-time advocate for BIG Broadband and fiber-to-the-home, because of its role in telemedicine, telework, distance learning, e-commerce, and e-government. He now spends his mornings following innovations and trends that address the rising costs of medical care as our population ages. He then responds in the mainstream press with his unique perspective if appropriate and writes the Modern Health Talk blog. Wayne also served as a self-proclaimed sleep economist at Intelligent Sleep (now replaced by Body Logic Experience). There he worked to expand the concept of Population Sleep Wellness because of the vital role sleep plays in our nation’s health, safety and performance.

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