Quoting content

About quoting content from Modern Health Talk

It’s always OK to quote web content as long as you cite the source (e.g. with link back) and as long as what’s quoted is just a few sentences. It you’d like to republish a full page or blog post from Modern Health Talk, this is what I require:

1. This is ONLY allowed for articles that I write myself and NOT for any byline articles where you should contact the original author directly.

2. Make no substantive changes, although adding clarification or additional supporting info is OK.

3. Give full attribution, including the author’s name (Wayne Caswell, Founder Modern Health Talk) and a link to the original article.

4. At the end, provide this short bio and the linked photo (OK to change size of photo).

Wayne Caswell is President and Founding Member of Modern Health Talk. As a technologist, futurist and marketer with IBM, Dell, Siemens and his own consulting firm, Wayne knows the positive effect digital technologies can have on society and the challenges of adopting them. A more complete bio is available at http://www.mhealthtalk.com/about/contacts-bios/.

5. Once you’ve posted the article/page, send me an email with the URL.