Hunter-Gatherer diet feeds Mitochondria & Brain Cells


In this incredible TEDx talk, Dr. Terry Wahls shares how she learned to properly fuel her body and tells of the diet that cured her MS and allowed her to get out of her wheelchair.

It’s been described as “probably the most important TED video ever” and something everyone should watch at least once, reflecting on their own lifestyle choices and that of their family.

Before watching this video tonight, my ears perked up when NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams observed how healthy past presidents are compared to the rest of us. I instantly concluded that it likely had much more to do with a healthy diet than great medical care, exercise, or any other factor – and I’m not even a health nut. You see, most of us eat too much processed food, especially the poor, because it’s cheaper and often all they have access to. So if you’ve not already seen it, watch the 18-min video above AND the 1:33 min documentary Food, Inc.

Now think about the dramatic role diet can play in decreasing obesity, diabetes, chronic illness, food allergies, and healthcare costs by improving the health of Americans. As Dr. Wahls says in her video above, “you’ll pay one way or another” – either pay now for a nutritious diet that improves your productivity and quality of life, or pay more later for medical intervention and long-term healthcare.

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