Indiana Health Info Exchange adopts AT&T solution

Serving 10 million patients and more than 19,000 physicians in over 80 facilities, the nation’s largest health information exchange organization, the Indiana Health Information Exchange, Inc. (IHIE) is responsible for an ocean of information.

This week IHIE announced that it will use AT&T Healthcare Community Online to scale and expand its business plans. The AT&T solution is a highly secure, cloud-based health information exchange (HIE) that integrates patient data from various sources into a single patient view. It symbolizes the connected and collaborative future of healthcare – where information is exchanged across states, regions, and eventually the entire nation – according to Randall Porter, Assistant Vice President, AT&T ForHealth.

IHIE partners with communities throughout the state to improve care coordination and patient outcomes by ensuring health information is where it needs to be and when it needs to be there. IHIE connects hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities, laboratories, imaging centers, clinics, community health centers and other healthcare organizations so patients receive the very best care. The organization is a model for using of healthcare IT to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of care.

The following video (2:42 min) is from the HiMSS 2010 show, but a newer one is available here.