Scientists explore immortality and “the problem” of aging

Have scientists found The Fountain of Youth? Is it a way to End Aging? Can you really Live Forever by slowing the shortening of our DNA tips or telomeres, by growing new body parts, or by replacing worn out parts with bionics? According to this report on MSNBC’s TODAY Show, they’re getting close. Read the transcript here.

"100 Plus" by Sonia Arrison


What will it mean to the world and society if people can realistically live to age 150, 200, or longer? Will they be healthy? Will marriage need a sunset clause? Might they be a parent to a newborn and a grandparent at the same time? How long will they have to work? Will they finish one career at 65 only to go back to school to learn a new one, and another one at 165? And will they be happy working that long? With productivity increases from automation and technology, will there be jobs for them?

Aren’t we already facing overpopulation with pressures on the environment and food supply? Surely there are economic, political, and medical ethics issues to consider. Who will be “allowed” to live that long? We already have a widening income gap and political corruption by the super wealthy. When people reach a point that they no longer contribute to society, will the be “exterminated” or “fixed?” It’s unlikely we will be able to colonize other planets fast enough.

In 100 Plus, futurist Sonia Arrison explores the scientific discoveries and some of the implications. But what do YOU think? Use the Reply section below to weigh in.