Jawbone UP wristband & iPhone app tracks your wellness

image of Jawbone UP, a motion sensing wristbandUP by Jawbone (http://www.jawbone.com/up) is a revolutionary system (wristband + iPhone app) that tracks your activity and sleep and inspires you to move more, sleep better and eat smarter. UP also integrates a social experience and open content platform to motivate you with personal and team challenges tailored to help you achieve your goals.

UP is Jawbone’s first step in giving people tools to become engaged as consumers of their own health. It integrates an accelerometer to sense motion and track how much you’re walking, exercising, or sleeping; and it then uploads that data to an app that shows progress charts and lets you photograph and log your meals, even sharing all this with friends for additional motivation if you wish.

The iPhone app is fun and engaging and designed to help bring the band to life, but a review by Cliff Kuang found it a bit buggy. And by connecting through a cable rather than with Bluetooth, ANT or another wireless technology, Kuang says Jawbone missed an opportunity to have the device become a “daily ritual as natural as checking your Facebook.” Instead of constantly checking your phone to see how far you’ve walked or how close you are to reaching your activity goals, you must wait until you get home, take off the wristband, and plug it into the phone with a cable. Somehow we expected more from the company best known for its noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets.

Still, UP shows promise and the future of personal health monitoring, and it empowers people to live a healthier life in three key ways: Measure, Engage, and Act.

1. Measure Your Daily Progress

One of the most basic problems in accurately tracking activity is that the sensing device must be on 24/7 in a non-intrusive form factor that you won’t forget, lose, or dislike wearing. The UP wristband features an attractive, durable, and water-resistant design that unobtrusively integrates into all your daily activities and errands – in the gym, on the
trail, with a cocktail dress or business suit, and even in the shower.

According to Philippe Kahn, CEO and founder of Fullpower, developer of the motion sensing technology, “The MotionX® engine inside the UP band is the result of years of technology development and innovation. MotionX is both extremely accurate and power-efficient, which is critical in delivering a 24/7 product experience small enough to wear.”

The UP App for iPhone ties the experience together by presenting a complete, holistic view of your health. With the “Me” screen, you can get a quick snapshot of your daily activity, how you are sleeping, and what you are eating, while the “Lifeline” feature reveals all of your prior activities (eat, sleep, move) on a continuous timeline. This unique and powerful interface allows you to see your health activity as it relates to each other over time with a simple swipe of your finger.

UP by Jawbone (wristband + App) helps you measure:

  • Activity – The band automatically measures and stores all aspects of your activity: steps, calories burned, distance, pace, and active versus inactive time throughout the day.
  • Sleep – The UP band’s sophisticated motion engine automatically tracks all aspects of your sleep including hours slept, time to fall asleep, phases of sleep (deep versus light) and overall sleep quality.
  • Eat – Capturing your meals in a photo journal is as easy as taking a photo with your iPhone or iPod touch. UP tracks where you’re eating, when you’ve eaten, and even asks how you feel after you’ve had time to digest your meal, making it an easy way to identify how different foods affect your body.

2. Engage with Your Friends

UP helps you stay motivated in reaching your health goals through a collection of friends and people you choose known as your “Team”. Based on the concept of reciprocal motivation, the Team structure creates an environment where individual achievements can be shared with all members so they can cheer on, motivate or compete against their Team. The Team view gives you a snapshot of how each member is progressing toward their personal goals.

The UP App also features a unique Feed screen which gives you an up-to-date stream of information about all the things you and your friends are doing with respect to your health. With respect to sharing information and privacy, UP gives you control over the data you want to share with your Team and others. You choose whether or not you want to
share at all, if you want to share some things and not others, or if you want to share everything.

3. Nudged Into Action

Throughout your day, UP subtly nudges you into action. It starts with the silent vibration alarm built into the UP band, that wakes you at the best moment in your natural sleep cycle so that you get up feeling as refreshed as possible. Similarly, you can set Get Up and Move reminders that subtly vibrate the UP band to alert you when you’ve been inactive after a time period you specify – it’s an easy way to remember to keep moving.

Another unique feature of the UP system is the notion of health challenges. Challenges are a simple way to discover and learn about health activities. They help you create a personalized action plan to start living healthier by giving you a number of options to stay engaged and motivated to action. Challenges can be individual, competitive, or collaborative across any combination of the three categories: eat, sleep, and move. Built on an open platform, any member in the UP community can create a challenge for their team. Additionally, UP members can join challenges from an ever-growing list of health professionals and organizations through the UP community.

Jawbone has teamed up with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, DailyFeats, GE Healthymagination, and 24 Hour Fitness, to create a variety of challenges UP users can sign up for at launch.

Available Now

The UP band comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) and seven colors (Dark Black, Dark Brown, Dark Red, Bright White, Bright Silver, Bright Red, Bright Blue) and is available now for $99.99 at Jawbone.com, Apple, AT&T, Best Buy and Target nationwide. UP will be available at 24 Hour Fitness and other major global retailers and carriers later this year. The UP by Jawbone App is available for free from the App Store on your iPhone or at www.itunes.com/appstore/.

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