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Keyless Door LocksTo unlock the door of my wife’s 9-year-old Lexus, I can insert and turn the key OR just press a button on the wireless key fob, but I still need to get the key out of my pocket. I don’t even need to take the key out to unlock or start my newer Infinity because it uses near field communication. I just push a button on the door to get in and turn the ignition to start.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enter the home the same way? As shown in the photo, I still use a key, but many keyless door locks are available. Each has advantages for certain situations, so which option would you prefer? Here are some ideas, but we’d like to hear from you, so leave a reply below.

Replacing the Key

wireless garage door keypadMaybe you just don’t want to carry a key when you go out for exercise, or maybe you want an alternative in case you lose your key. One option is to come in through the garage door using a wireless keypad.

Another option is to install a key lock with additional entry options, including key, keypad and phone interface. With the Lockitron iPhone app, you can send a text message to unlock the door, or you could have a service like GM’s OnStar remotely unlock the door through an Internet-connected controller. What’s nice about either solution is the ability to set temporary access codes that expire after a given time. That way you can give the code to delivery or service personnel or authorize maid service access only on certain days and times.

Phone interface to door lockSuch systems cost a few hundred dollars and impose setup complexity, but they can offer added convenience when you need it.


Because people with Dementia can forget their keys, key fobs, smart phones, or keypad passwords, so some form of biometrics may be best for them, but such systems can also be used by anyone with their arms full. Ideally the system would be so easy to use that grandpa could just walk up and enter. Facial recognition would identify him and unlock the door before he even tries using the door knob or lever, and the door can open automatically. Of course, such digital door locks could also be used to alert caretakers if he wanders outside when he’s not supposed to.

The idea for this article came from Tools of Entry, No Need for a Key Chain.

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