Find technologies and services to make care giving easier and more affordable and enjoyable.

About Obamacare (a list of resources, including online resources, articles, infographics, and videos)

Certified Professionals (types of certifications in the eldercare space)

Government & Education (list of websites)

Home Modification (and Home Building)

Market Research (and News & White Papers)

Online & Support Groups

Other Blogs (some of my favorites, besides mHealthTalk, of course)

Technology Products & Services

Humor (for when you need respite)

We add new links as we find them, so you may want to subscribe to changes with RSS. You can also contribute to the Modern Health Talk community by recommending other resources by email or in the comments section below.

One thought on “Resources

  1. Great list you have here! Please let me know if you’d like to add our web site to your list. We would be listed under Technology Products and Services.

    Warm regards, Julie Menack, Founder, 21st Century Care Solutions

    This list points health consumers to widely available online resources, but Modern Health Talk is not setup to include the many regional services references. Someday in the future we hope to allow visitors to find local services by zip code, and when ready we’ll circle back and reconsider requests like this. (Wayne Caswell, founder)

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