How to Make a Smart Bed for your Smart Bedroom


Here’s you can make a smart bed for your smart bedroom.

Because good sleep so closely tied to good health, I’ve posted dozens of articles about sleep, including many about technology and how artificial lights interfere with our biological clocks and sleep-wake cycle. I’ve also been working with Dr. Bruce Meleski to open Intelligent Sleep, a new sleep wellness and brain health center here in Austin. We’re doing some pretty cool stuff with metabolic, neurosensory, and behavioral therapies, and we’re promoting a vision of the Smart Bedroom. So today’s post is about a new product we hope to carry and that I think you’ll like. (video below)

Luna [now called Eight Sleep] is promoted as The Future of Sleep

The Luna smart mattress cover learns your sleep habits and pre-warms your bed even before you get in. With biometric and environmental sensors it tracks your sleep phases, adjusts temperature according to the sleep stage you’re in, does this independently for you and your partner according to what it learns from your preferences, and helps wake you at the best time so you feel most refreshed. I just pre-ordered one for me and Yvonne and will let you know what I think, but here’s a quick look.

Various sensors monitor things like body & ambient temperature, humidity, light, motion, heart rate, respiration, and breathing (including snoring?). The mattress sends all this info to your smartphone using Wi-Fi, and a provided app then gives tips to further improve your sleep so you can do your best.

If that’s not smart enough, Luna can be integrated with smart home devices like the Nest thermostat and the Philips Hue lightbulbs that I’ve written about before. It will ship in August for about $200-250 depending on size, and it’s a must have for Intelligent Sleep, where we’ll include it in our BR21 bedroom of the future.

One thing I especially like about Luna is how it can automate so many things, like setting back the thermostat and ensuring that doors are locked and lights are off when you get into bed, and then awaken the house when it’s time to get up. Of course this does need configuration, as described in The Elusive Smart Home. Even though I often complain of the unrelenting marketing hype about the Smart Home, our homes, bedrooms, and beds themselves keep getting smarter every year, and I think this is a company to watch.

You can pre-order your own Luna smart mattress cover here and get a discount.