Old cats don’t understand technology. Is that so?

Old cats and technology

grampa kitteh… duz not undrstd techanology

If you think you or your loved one is too old for technology, check out Jane Reuter’s article, Seniors Embracing Tech Boom. She says, “Seniors represent the fastest-growing segment of Web users” and writes an interesting story featuring 83-year-old Tim Maloney.

Maloney uses an eReader, smart phone and laptop computer daily to check his bank balance and investments. He uses Facebook to keep up with friends and family. And he reads news from around the world. And even though his lung capacity is limited due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Maloney regularly walks the track at the Castle Rock Recreation Center with an oxygen tank and a handheld device to check his pulse oxygen saturation while listening to audio books on his MP3 player.

Admittedly, Maloney always had an affinity for technology, but high-tech has become super-simple. At least that’s what he found out when he bought an Apple iPad. “Initially, it was curiosity,” he said. “And then I found out it’s a rather handy device. It takes the place of 90 percent of what I’d use a laptop for.”

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