Qualcomm Life connects Wireless Medical Devices & Cloud

Qualcomm announced this week that Qualcomm Wireless Health is now Qualcomm Life,  a wholly-owned subsidiary whose mission is to define and connect the global wireless health network and bring medical devices to life by securely connecting them to cloud-based services. The encrypted and HIPAA compliant bimetric data is then remotely accessible by device users, their health care providers and caregivers. (video & illustration below)

The subsidiary’s first offerings are the 2net™ Platform and Hub. The 2net Platform is a newly designed, technology-agnostic cloud-based service to enable interoperability for wireless medical devices, making information easily accessible for device companies and ultimately device users and their healthcare providers and caregivers.

The 2net Hub is a compact plug-and-play connectivity gateway between medical devices and the 2net Platform’s data center.  It is classified as an FDA-listed Class I Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS) device, and according to Rick Valencia, VP and GM at Qualcomm Life, it supports medical device connections via Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, Ant+, WiFi or USB, as well as 2G/3G cellular connections from the home to the 2net platform. We understand that a smartphone can also be used as a gateway, but so far they lack some of the connection support of the 2net Hub.

According to the company, more than 40 medical device manufacturers, application developers, health care services companies and payors have announced plans to support the 2net ecosystem. The ecosystem is also endorsed by Continua Health Alliance, an international not-for-profit organization of healthcare and technology companies dedicated to establishing guidelines for combining and applying existing standards to create interoperable personal connected health products and services.


2net ecosystem by Qualcomm Life