Senior Living Options & Costs Infographic

As seniors age, they may need help with daily tasks. Helping them decide on appropriate living arrangements is critical to staying safe and healthy. Investing in home modifications and some sort of medical alert system is a cost effective way for seniors to feel safe and secure while living an independent lifestyle, as this infographic suggests.

Senior Living Options and Costs Infographic
[Via: Alert1 Personal Alert Systems]

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  1. EDITOR: I’d like to thank Rachel and one of the kids she volunteers with, Meghan, for contacting us regarding our website. They introduced us to another helpful article and asked us to share it. Meghan’s grandmother lives alone and both articles presented great ideas about home safety for seniors. Meghan found on her own, and I’ve since republished it with permission and full attribution.

    Thank you, Meghan, for sharing this with us, and keep up the great work! We are all proud of you.

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