Seniors Learn to Use & Appreciate iPad

The iPad may be the Ultimate in universal design. If cats can play games especially designed for them, and infants use iPads for play and as a learning tools, then surely seniors at any age can use this cool device for everything from emailing their children and grandchildren, downloading books and music and recipes, researching old haunts and finding out what they look like today, playing games, and even playing piano music on the touch screen. This article includes three embedded videos (below). One is about cats (it got 2,500 hits on YouTube), one about infants (from my local TV station), and one about seniors (from Colorado 9 News).

Colorado 9 News covers this story of how Balfour Senior Living in Louisville, CO is teaching their residents how to use the iPad. They’ve learned how to email their children and grandchildren, download books and music and recipes, research old haunts and find out what they look like today, play games, and even play the piano music on the touch screen.

iPad is a “halo” device that creates envy. Once seniors see their peers using the iPad and all it can do, there’s no stopping them. iPad2 is nearly PERFECT for seniors, because iChat or Skype video conferencing lets them connect with family and caregivers, and because of the ability to interface between health sensors and monitoring services. We especially like the 3G version since it eliminates any complexity of Wi-Fi or a home network and can be used when away from home, except for one thing. You still need to sync with a PC to apply updates. What’s needed is a standalone version, and we believe one is coming.

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