Social Media in Politics

Social Media In Politics - an InfographicI’ve posted several articles about social media in HEALTHCARE, including:

This article is about social media in POLITICS. While I try not to subject you to my own political views, they probably shows sometimes when I discuss things Obamacare, Medicare, regulatory oversight, and the future of medicine. But no matter what side of the issues you’re on, you may enjoy this infographic, because so many health-related issues are at stake in this year’s election. And if you feel  compelled to do so, share your thoughts below and justify your views to others.

The role of social media in politics is on the rise, and voters are not the only people using social media. Among politicians, 9 out of 10 Senators and Representatives now have Twitter accounts, and 2008 was described as the “social media election,” because 1.8 million tweets were sent on election day. Now that many political tweets are sent every 6 minutes, and in Senate races, the candidate with most Facebook friends has won 81% of the time. One email sent to 60 million Facebook users in the 2010 election prompted an additional 340,000 people to vote. This infographic shows just how politics and social media are affecting each other.


Social Media Election

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What health issues are most important to you and why do you think your candidate is best for addressing them?

  • Medicare
  • The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • The role of Private Insurance Companies
  • Health Reform and Containing the Rising Costs
  • Population Health & Wellness and the Role of Regulatory Oversight
  • Education & Research and the Future of Healthcare Technologies
  • How to find Affordable Housing and pay for Assisted Living
  • The Ideal Role of Federal & State Governments and Private Industry in Health