Innovative Service Delivery can Reduce Health Care Costs

Image of Bob Fabbio, CEO of WhiteGlove Health

Bob Fabbio is CEO of WhiteGlove Health, Inc. (see BIO below)

By Bob Fabbio, CEO of WhiteGlove Health, Inc. (from Stanford SOCIAL INNOVATION Review)

No country spends money on health care like the US — national health care expenditures amounted to almost 18 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2009. More money is spent per capita on health care in the US than in any other nation; meanwhile, almost 17 percent of Americans lacked health insurance in 2009, according to the US Census.

Today’s fee-for-service health care system is part of the reason health care costs continue to rise. Why? Because insurance companies continuously drive down reimbursement rates, forcing providers to perform unnecessary visits, procedures, and lab work to survive. Unless something changes, this upward cost trend will continue.

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Intel-GE Targets Social Isolation in Older Adults

Novel Interactive Technology combines Wellness and Social Networking tools to Transform Senior Care



Photo: Gestrandet, by Like_the_Grand_Canyon

SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 19, 2011 – Intel-GE Care Innovations™ is announcing Care Innovations™ Connect, a new product designed to address social isolation in older adults. Developed in partnership with seniors and senior service providers, Connect helps professional caregivers monitor the changing needs of seniors while giving older adults the tools that help them build ties to their communities and avoid social isolation and loneliness. Care Innovations™ Connect includes an easy-to-use digital device that serves as a wellness communication tool and social networking hub.

The result of ten years of in-depth user research, Connect is a customizable offering that combines a range of wellness surveys, brain fitness games, medication compliance reminders, and simple social networking tools for seniors to help them “go digital” and proactively engage in their physical, social and mental health.

Research has shown that loneliness, as a health risk factor, is twice as detrimental as being obese, and equal to the risk of smoking cigarettes and alcoholism,” said Louis Burns, chief executive officer of Care Innovations. “With Connect, we’re helping senior service providers overcome this issue by helping them identify major health deterioration in their members, while enabling seniors to stay engaged and live more socially connected lives.”

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