US Health Care vs The World

World PopulationsWe have well over 700 health care infographics on Pinterest and are in process of manually indexing them HERE. This one is especially interesting. Using data from the World Health Organization, it shows that Americans spend well over twice as much per person on health care than other developed nations, yet we tend to live sicker and die younger.

Summary for screen readers:

Demographic & Social Economic Statistics — The chart shows 2011 population size with China first with 1.35 billion people, followed by India with 1.24 billion, and the US third with 313 million.

Gross National Income per Capita — Singapore came in first even though it has one of the smaller populations with just over 5 million people, followed by the US at number two and Germany at number three.

Health Expenditure per Capita — Americans spend more by far, at over $8,000 per person, followed by Canada and Australia. China spent only $219 per person, and India spent just $51.

Life Expectancy & Mortality — US statistics were in the middle of the pack.

Contraceptive Use — US was near the high end, in fourth place.

Immunization Coverage of 1-year-olds — The US was in the bottom third.

Risk Factors with Population Using Treated Water — The US was surprisingly just in the middle.

Hospital Beds Available — The US was about in the middle with 30 beds per 10,000 people, but Japan was way ahead with 137 beds per 10,000 people. That may be because they have a higher percentage of elderly.

How does the US compare with other OECD nations?

  • We have 2.4 doctors per 1,000 people versus an average of 3.1.
  • We have 0.3 general practitioners per 1,000 people versus an average of 1.3.
  • We have 2.1 specialists per 1,000 people versus an average of 1.93.
  • We do twice as many tests such as MRI and CT as other OECD nations.
  • Our average hospital stay costs $18,000 versus an OECD average of $6,200. No wonder there’s so much interest in medical tourism.

US Health Care vs The World

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