Wealth Inequality, Healthcare and the Economy

I post this new video because of the direct relationships between:

  • Special interest lobbying and policies resulting in a widening of income & wealth gaps,
  • Between the widening wealth gaps and poverty,
  • Between Poverty and obesity,
  • Between obesity and diabetes and other chronic illness,
  • Between chronic illness and rising healthcare costs, and
  • Between rising healthcare costs and our economic problems.

Highlights from the video

  • The Reality in this country is not at all what we think it is.
  • Our Perception of wealth distribution is far from our Ideal but not even close to Actual distribution.
  • The top 1% has more of the nation’s wealth than 90% of us think the top 20% Should have.
  • 1% has 40% of all of the nation’s wealth and takes home almost 25% of the annual income.
  • The top 1% own half the country’s stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • The bottom 50% own just 0.5% of stocks, meaning they live hand-to-mouth and don’t invest.
  • The bottom 80% of the nation has only 7% of the nation’s wealth between them.
  • Do CEOs really contribute 380 times more than the average worker (not lowest, but average)?
  • The Average worker needs to work more than a Month to make what the CEO makes in one Hour.

Inequality for All

In the interview below, Bill Moyers talks with economic analyst Robert Reich about the new film Inequality for All and describes it as “a game-changer” in our national discussion of income inequality. The video is nearly an hour long but well worth watching if you really want to understand the impact that inequality has had on the nation’s poor and middle-class and the economy in general. Reich deserves our respect regardless of political party since he served under three presidential administrations: Ford (R), Carter (D) and Clinton (D).

CEO Pensions are 1,200 times median workers, yet they want to cut social security

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