What’s Possible for Health Care?

If a new healthcare model saved $1 trillion per year, then those who wouldn’t get their old share would vigorously fight such disruptive change. So what’s possible and what’s likely are two different things.

The infographic below looks at some goals for the U.S. health care system and how they might be achieved by adopting practices used by other industries. It makes me think of my early days at IBM, where I compared tech innovation in the Computer industry with that of  the Airlines industry.

“If the airline industry evolved with the same speed as the computer industry, we could fly half way around the world in an hour for fifty cents worth of gasoline in an airplane too small to sit in and when we arrived at our destination it would be cheaper to throw the plane away than to have it serviced and parked overnight.”

Infographic courtesy of The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies


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