Wireless Networks and Electromagnetic Radiation

Schumann Resonance

RESONANCE is eye-opening documentary, revealing the biological harm from and health impact of wireless networks and electromagnetic radiation. The entire documentary is included here with some added comments. Most troubling to me are the long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation on cellular structures, cancer, and Melatonin, an important antioxidant and sleep-inducing hormone.

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Summary of Documentary

Life began on this planet some 2 billion years ago and has since evolved in sync with the natural frequency of the Earth (the Schurmann Resonance). The effect of these natural frequencies on our DNA and basic existence is difficult to understand, but research is showing that it’s absolutely integral to all of us, controlling our mental and physical health, synchronizing our circadian rhythms, aiding our immune system, and improving our sense of wellbeing.

Besides being surrounded by natural electromagnetic frequencies, our bodies are filled with frequencies too. Different frequencies control how our cells communicate, how our DNA delivers instructions, and how our brains function.

This delicate balance of frequencies has evolved over billions of years, but in just the last 150 years have we seen artificial light, which affects the brain’s production of the sleep-inducing molecule, Melatonin. And in just the last 25 years the natural harmony of electromagnetic frequencies has been disturbed even more with wireless networks, emitting radiation that we can’t see but that affects our bodies. These new and man-made frequencies are all around us, drowning out the earth’s natural resonance. Hence, the title of this film: RESONANCE.

My Added Perspective

First, here’s what shapes my perspective. Before retiring from IBM in 1999, I was the marketing chairman of one of the 2.4GHz wireless industry standards groups, and I learned a lot about the physics of radio technologies, including how frequency choice and transmit power determines range, penetration, and battery life. I also learned about ways to reduce health and security risks with smarter radios and antenna designs, where a device essentially whispers to nearby devices but yells loudly, with more transmit power, to far-away devices.

The long-term health risks of artificial lights and wireless networks, for most people, seem reasonable, given the benefits they offer. But, some people are more sensitive than others.

The problem portrayed in the film is that we lack sufficient understanding and have no long-term population studies from before cellphones and cordless phones. So while we cannot prove that there is NO RISK, having a list of ways to mitigate risks is helpful, so check out this article about what these wireless networks may be doing to your child’s brain.

So what’s behind the speculation? My simple view

Just as it would not be good for your hearing, or mental health, if you grew up in a family with people yelling in your ear all day and night. Likewise, living among high-power radio transmissions could have a similar effect, except we can’t hear or see radio signals, so we don’t worry about them.

Home Networks

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are two popular wireless home networking technologies. Bluetooth uses relatively little transmit power since devices are close by. Wi-Fi uses more to extend range to 300’ and cover an entire house, and to extend outside of the house, cellular uses much more power to reach cell towers that may be a mile away or more.

Then there are the AC power mains that power your lights and appliances with 110V alternating current. Because the house wiring has no shielding or twists, the wires can act as long antennas and emit electromagnetic radiation of a different sort. To hear the effect of that, tune an AM radio to a faint station and then move it close to an electric outlet. The static you hear is from radiation. For people living under high voltage overhead lines, the EMR concerns are even greater.

If you could SEE the amount of man-made radiation that surrounds us, you might be more worried about its potential long-term impact. But ignorance is bliss.

Alternative Viewpoints

Are man-made electromagnetic frequencies from artificial light and wireless networks the real Cause of the disturbing population decline of bees and pollinating insects, or is it just an association and something else is the cause? Even if the frequencies are just a large contributor, along with other things, the RESONANCE documentary shines a light on an important issue.

Another threat to life on Earth is man’s environmental contamination, with air & water pollution, plastics, pesticides, and more. European Scientists Discover Bee Resurgence After Banning These 3 Pesticides Still Used in The US suggests that misuse of pesticides can be just as destructive to life. There’s optimism in the fact that scientists were able to identify a cause of bee decline and that politicians accepted the science and banned 3 types of pesticides with positive results. If they European politicians can do that, there’s some home that American politicians can too and craft policies to better regulate wireless networks. But that, of course, depends on our electoral process, political system, and which party controls each branch of government.

What did You think of the movie? Did it change your perspective? I’d like to see your reaction in comments below.

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